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We make Events Bolder


To be the most reliable and preferred car rental entity in the region.


Reliable and 1st preference through consistent innovations that make vehicle rental experiences enjoyable and memorable for every employee, associate and client..


Why hire from us:

-Efficiency is our prime service to our clients.
-Express check in.
-earn bonus points for discounts from regular hiring...this includes event coordinators and general car hire.
-Anytime vehicle upgrade requests.
- We offer from economy class fuel saving models to the top range models.
- No mileage limits on our event hire packages.


- general car rental
- chauffeur services
- GPS support service
- Airport run
- School run
- Events vehicle hire
- Transport coordination
- Consultation
- helicopter hire


El's event car hire continue displaying their commitment and dedication in providing great service to its clients in every task given to them.

El's event car hire was founded in 2018 by Liberty Vazhure and colleagues.
In the past 4years Liberty Vazhure who had been working for an events planning agency discovered a huge problem with meeting and maintaining the need of clients when it came to logistical support services and transportation. This always came last on the to do list of every coordinator and usually resulted them picking any service provider that came their way and picking whatever fleet of vehicles they got offered first.

Vazhure later initiated a plan to create their company's own sub division which is not only there to provide consultancy services, route planning, car rental and chauffeur services to the main company but to others as well. Together with a team which possesses unique knowledge in logistics and transportation from years of experince of knowing how a concert desperately needed a transport manager, funeral needed a transportation point personnel, a wedding needed a coordinator and any random company company running a project ie construction would need an accurate and effective team to run the logistical matters either on full time or contract part-time basis.

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